Personalised Name Necklaces - Ultimate Guide

When it comes to Silver 925 Personalised Necklaces .... We've got you sorted! 

Just choose between Rhodium Plating, Rose Gold Plating or Yellow Gold Plating and we'll take care of the rest :)



Why not add your birthstone to your name necklace to add an even more personalised touch.

Or for a fancy night out with friends ... the Glitz name is the perfect accessory.


Or For the younger fashionistas, why not choose a daintier children's necklace with a smaller font.


Alternatively why not just wear your initial and have people guessing your name.

This Side Initial necklace just does the trick.


 Or for a fancier occasion this Glitzed Initial just adds the right amount of sparkle


So just select your favourite option and we'll just take care of everything else including the delivery. 



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